Best Scuba Fins for Travel: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Scuba diving is fun, but not so much when using rental fins for diving. They are uncomfortable, rarely fit, and make your diving experience less enjoyable. To prevent these consequences, you have to purchase your personal scuba fins as part of your diving gear. 

One factor you should always consider when buying scuba fins for travel is lightness. You want fins that will not add extra weight to your baggage and still give you a good diving experience.

We have reviewed five of the best scuba fins for travel in this guide. These fins range in price but are mostly affordable for beginners. We also prioritize some of the more popular fins because they are great for travel. 

best scuba fins for travel

Top 5 Scuba Fins

Regardless of whether you’re a novice snorkeler or a seasoned professional, owning the perfect set of scuba fins is a must. Learn about our top five picks to get started.

Best Overall 

1. CAPAS Snorkel Fins

We ranked CAPAS Snorkel Fins as the best overall on our list for many reasons. First, they are very diverse and can be worn by men, women, and even kids. The adjustable straps and light silicone material makes it easily worn by anyone, including beginners.

This fin has an open-heeled design, which does not need boots to work and can be easily adjusted to fit people with different feet sizes. If you don’t want to wear this fin barefooted, you can add fin socks or dive boots to your gear.

What makes the CAPAS Snorkel Fins perfect for travel is its compactness, as the short blades make the fins light and easy to pack. You can also use them for different purposes, including snorkeling, diving, and swimming during your trip. This way, you don’t have to pack different gear for each activity. 


  • Light and easy to pack for travel
  • Bungee heel strap makes it possible to share among family members
  • Design has different sizes for kids and adults
  • Open-heeled design makes it easy to wear and remove
  • Flexes well during movement


  • Strap may break if you are not careful with it
  • May cause blisters if you don’t wear fin socks 

CAPAS snorkel fins are great for diverse purposes and are affordable for their quality. The material is durable, and you have a range of colors to choose from. Whether you are a beginner or expert diver, the CAPAS Snorkel Fins are the best gear you can pack with you during your travels.

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Best Budget 

2. COZIA DESIGN Adjustable Swim Fins

All the scuba fins on this list are cheap and great for travel. However, this fin is the best option for you if you are on a budget. COZIA DESIGN gives great value for money with adjustable fins and add-ons, such as a pair of Neoprene socks to prevent blisters.

The goal of this fin is to make you swim or dive longer by ensuring your feet are warm, fit snugly, and do not chafe within the fin. Apart from these basic features, COZIA DESIGN fins are made of lightweight materials, reinforced blade rails, and flexible foot pockets.

Apart from the fact that this fin gives you good quality on a budget, it fits every other category required of a good scuba fin. It is made of sturdy materials that give good resistance against strong currents.


  • Offers premium comfort to wear, despite the possibility of a size difference
  • You can share with your friends who wear different shoe sizes
  • Adjustable straps make the fins easy to wear and hold well against strong currents
  • Manufacturers are responsive to customers when there are complaints


  • Size of the fins may not correspond to expectations

One of the perks of buying this product is the excellent customer support service provided by the manufacturers. You can always reach out to the company if you have any problem with your fins, and you will get a speedy response.

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Best Runner-Up 

3. WACOOL Adult Fins 

The best runner-up is the WACOOL Full-Foot Pocket Fins. These fins are wonderful for swimming, diving, and snorkeling. Despite coming in third place, this fin is lighter than most travel fins. It is also small and made of flexible rubber materials that propel you well in water.

What made WACOOL fins a part of our best scuba fins for travel list is that it ticks every necessary box. It is comfortable, light, versatile, and has great quality. Its simple design is also very suitable for beginners just learning to swim or dive.


  • Easy to use and does not require any previous training
  • Fin is comfortable to wear and allows you to dive without tiring your feet
  • Made out of quality materials and can be paired with fin socks or dive booties
  • Ideal for beginners who are just training in swimming, diving, or snorkeling


  • Better for training than recreational swimming
  • The sizing can be off

This fin is great for travel, especially for people who are still new to scuba diving. However, it also works well for experienced divers who travel often. It takes little space in your travel bag, and you can buy a pair of fin socks if you want additional protection for your feet.

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Best Underwater 

4. U.S. Divers Adult Trek Travel Fin

The U.S. Divers Trek Fin is our best underwater fin and another of the best scuba fins for travel. This fin is smaller than most, but that does not affect the quality. It is made of sturdy plastic with dual composite blades that can brave any water.

If you spend more time diving than swimming on your trip, this fin guarantees that you will enjoy the experience. The fins fit snugly to your feet and are suitable for men and women. You may face some problems with the straps, but once you learn to tighten them properly, you will enjoy your underwater experience.


  • Smaller than average, which makes it easy to pack during travels
  • Each pair has a bungee strap that can be paired with dive booties
  • Comfortable to wear, and you can move through water for hours without getting sore muscles
  • Color makes it convenient for others to spot you if you are diving with a team


  • Spring straps can be unreliable, as they slip often
  • Fin is heavier than average

The U.S. Divers Trek Fin is as good as travel fins come. It is smaller than average but heavier. Nevertheless, the foot design makes it comfortable to move underwater for hours without getting tired, and you can pair it with other compatible accessories.

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Best Alternative

5. FYJS Short Swim Fins

This fin is designed to achieve an all-around enjoyable underwater experience, and the light materials make it easy to move around water for hours without getting sore muscles. 

Apart from the materials, the design of the fin itself is geared towards giving the best underwater experience. This is possible with the hydrodynamic rails, anatomical foot pocket, and blade angle working together to give you the best propulsion and kick speed.


  • Has an ergonomic foot pocket style and flexible support pads
  • Its short fins make it one of the best scuba fins for travel, in addition to its lightness
  • Flexible blades help you move with maximum power underwater without burning energy
  • Made with sturdy rubber and PP, which ensure durability and comfort


  • Fin may be too wide for people with small feet

This fin completes our best scuba fins for travel list. It possesses similar qualities as others on this list, including great compactness. In addition to that, it has excellent propulsion and speed, enabling you to stay underwater for hours without getting tired.

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Things to Know Before Buying a Scuba Fin for Travel

There are several great scuba fins for travel, but not all are suitable for you. You have to consider your preferences when making your purchase. To guide you through the decision-making process, we have explained some factors you should know before buying a scuba fin for travel. 


There are different types of diving fins, ranging from heels to blades. If you want to buy a fin that you will enjoy for a long time, you must consider all of these types and how they influence your diving experience.

You can either buy an open-heeled “foot pocket” fin or a closed heel “full-foot” fin. Open-heel fins are the default choice for many divers because of their power and suitability for cold, deep waters as opposed to full-foot fins. The “full-foot” closed heel fins are usually more flexible, as they are tailored to your size.

For the blades, you can choose between short or long fins. Short fins typically occupy less space in your luggage, making them great for travel. Long fins allow you to cover more space with every kick and are generally more suitable for deep-dive travel.

Apart from the length, there are also split fins and vented fins (paddle fins). The former helps minimize the energy you use when diving, while the latter is good for rough diving conditions due to their short, tough design. 


Buying fins for scuba diving can be a bit tricky. They come in a range of sizes, but the size written on the package may not correspond with your actual size, so you have to check if there is additional guidance from the manufacturers. 

Usually, men can buy fins in their exact size, but women should pick fins two sizes smaller. This is to make provision for the possibility of the fin being too wide for your feet.

If you are bothered about the size, you can opt for an open-heel fin, as they come with adjustable straps. These straps make it easy to adjust to fit people of different shoe sizes.


Like other dive gear, your fins are supposed to last for a long time. Unfortunately, many fins require you to break them in like regular shoes, and it would be a shame if you have to break a fin in only for it to wear out in a short while. 

Due to this reason, you should buy fins made with durable material. Some brands are notable for their durability, so you should check reviews from previous customers before making your purchase.

Ease of Use

Comfort is one thing you should prioritize when choosing a scuba diving fin. You don’t want to be deep in the cold water and have to start adjusting your fins’ standard straps or buckle straps. 

Thus, you should go for a fin that is easy to slip on and off while staying secure on your feet during different dive conditions. In addition, you should check whether the blade is detachable and how well it works with accessories, such as dive socks or booties.

Two factors must guide your scuba fin choice. The first is the environment where you will be diving, and the second is your diving style. Regarding the environment, you have to consider whether you will do more cold water diving than warm water diving and buy a fin that best suits your purpose. Your type of diving will usually be between flutter or frog kicks.

Once you decide on these two factors, they will guide you in choosing fins that best serve both purposes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kinds of Fins Are Best for Scuba Diving?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a fin for scuba diving. First, you have to consider the area you will be diving in and your swimming style. Generally, long fins are preferred for diving, as they propel you swiftly across the water. 

These fins are an excellent choice for divers who use the flutter kick style. However, shorter fins are more popular among divers who use the frog-kick style. They allow great maneuverability and plenty of power.

Are Short Fins Good for Scuba Diving?

Most people believe longer fins are better for scuba diving due to the depth divers usually explore. However, you can dive with short fins if you are more comfortable with them. They also help if you plan to snorkel during your trip and are usually easier to pack. At the end of the day, what matters most is your maximum comfort and safety.

Best Scuba Fins for Travel

CAPAS Snorkel Fins

CAPAS fins are wonderful for diving, especially if you are traveling. The compactness makes them easy to pack, and they are very light. With the adjustable straps, you can share them with your family or friends who wear the same size.

COZIA DESIGN Adjustable Swim Fins

The COZIA DESIGN Fin is the best if you are traveling on a budget. The neoprene boots are high-quality, while the socks make your feet warm during your kick cycle. The only downside is that the size on the fin may not correspond to your expectations, but the adjustable heel strap makes up for it.

WACOOL Adult Short Fins

This full-foot pocket travel fin by WACOOL is a great option for swimming, diving, and snorkeling training. It is very light, making it a good travel choice, but it is better for training than recreational diving.

U.S. Divers Adult Trek Travel Fin

The Trek Fin by U.S. Divers is the best pick if you know you will be spending a lot of time underwater during your travels. The short fins give maximum propulsion, kick speed, and maneuverability. In addition, they are comfortable despite being heavier than others on this list.

FYJS Short Swim Fins

These FYJS fins are great for movement underwater, as the parts are designed specifically for that purpose. Everything is engineered for propulsion and speed, from the angled blades and foot pockets to the rails. You can keep the fins for a long time if you take good care of them.

Final Thoughts on the Best Scuba Fins for Travel

We hope this list of the best scuba fins for travel helps you make the best purchase. The CAPAS Fin is our overall best choice because it provides all the benefits of top scuba diving fins in one. If that fin doesn’t meet your requirements, you may enjoy the COZIA fins, which also provide a great value on a budget. An alternative to both is WACOOL fins, which are great for beginners.

If you spend a long time underwater, you should go for specialist fins like Trek by U.S Divers or FYJS fins. These scuba fins are affordable and light, making them perfect choices for travel. 

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